There are all sorts of different things that you can specify when purchasing custom plastic tubing. For example, in addition to choosing the diameter and type of plastic tubing, you can also often choose if you would like for your tubing to be clear—which is generally the default option—or if you would like for it to be a different color. It might not seem necessary to purchase colorful custom plastic tubing when it might seem like clear plastic tubing will do the trick. However, these are a few signs that you might just want to pick one or more different colors when placing your order.

The Tubing Will Be Used With Hot Liquids

You probably don't want any of your employees to accidentally burn their skin or otherwise get injured due to unexpectedly coming in contact with hot liquids or tubes. Therefore, if you are going to be running a hot liquid through your plastic tubing, consider buying plastic tubing that is red in color. This can help alert employees that they should proceed with caution when coming in contact with these tubes and the liquids that can be found inside of them.

The Tubing Will Be Used With Dangerous Chemicals

Clear tubing might work just fine with water since the water that runs through the tubing might not be hazardous to anyone in any way. One benefit of plastic tubing is that it can often be used with harsh and even harmful chemicals and if you order the right tubing—such as if you place a custom order—then you can make sure that the tubing is able to withstand those chemicals without being damaged. Choosing tubing in a different color can be a good way to point out to employees that there are hazardous chemicals inside. Then, they can take extra precautions.

You're Interested in Setting Up a Color Coding System

Lastly, ordering your plastic tubing in a few different colors can be a good idea if you're interested in setting up some kind of color-coding system that will make solving problems and working with your tubing easier. You might want to have certain liquids run through tubing of one color; then, it will be easy for you and your employees to find those tubes when you need to make changes of some sort or when you are trying to address a problem. This is just one way to make troubleshooting faster, easier, and more effective.

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