When your machines are down, you won't be able to continue operations until you replace your custom machine spindles. However, you'll need to make sure that the spindles you receive are custom-designed for the needs of your business. There are several types of machine spindles on the market.

Source of Power

A spindle always needs to be powered in some way. There are several types of custom machine spindles. These include belt-driven spindles, direct-drive, and motorized spindles. There are also several ways that spindles can be powered, including belt-driven, electric-driven, and air-driven spindles. 

Motorized spindles, for example, are often chosen when a workshop has limited space. They have the belt built-in, so they do not take up as much space. They are meant to be rigid while also operating at a high speed. However, you may find an air-driven spindle to be more beneficial because it does not require electricity. Spindles can be found in cartridge or foot mounted block housings. Regardless of the type, they can all be engineered to meet your needs. 

Mounting Interface

The spindle needs to be mounted to your machine using one of several methods. Several types of mounting interfaces can be used with machine tool spindles. These include internal and external tapers, shafts, arbors, collets, wheel collets, and various types of bores.

When your business has the right spindle part, it will be able to produce at a much higher and more efficient rate. You will receive a higher return on investment. You will have a much easier time accessing and maintaining the spindle. The spindle will have a much longer service and life. 

Working with a Custom Machine Spindle Supplier

Fortunately, some businesses will offer custom machine spindle for your business and will also design them to match your specifications with fast turn-around times. With the help of consultants working for the supplier, you can find spindles that match your needs. Clarify exactly the type of machine that the spindle will be used for.

Spindles are often used for millers, drillers lathes, and grinders. Make sure to talk to the consultant about the material being cut and the geometry of the product being cut. Also, clarify the level of horsepower that you expect the spindles to operate at. Then you'll be able to find replacement spindles that can get your machine back up and running.

For more information, contact local custom machine spindle suppliers.