When you're getting ready for a home renovation or any other project that will produce a great deal of garbage, it's a sensible decision to rent a dumpster. The presence of this receptacle means that you have a simple solution for dealing with your waste so that you'll have more time to spend on the project itself and less time disposing of the garbage by taking it to the local landfill. If you're attempting to tackle the job on a budget, you might be eager to save money on the dumpster rental. Here are a handful of simple ideas that can help you pay less for the rental.

Rent During A Non-Peak Time

If you're able to be flexible about the time that you'll need the dumpster, there's a chance that you'll be able to save money. With so many renovation and waste-removal projects taking place on weekends, the rate you could pay on a Saturday or Sunday could be higher than the rate during the middle of the week, when the overall demand for dumpsters is lower. Talk to a couple waste management companies in your city and find out if you can get a price break for getting the dumpster on a Tuesday and Wednesday, for example.

Split The Price With A Neighbor

Talk to some of your neighbors to determine if they might need a dumpster for any reason. Whether they're renovating, removing yard waste or de-cluttering their homes, the idea of being able to place their waste in your dumpster might be highly appealing. If you can find one or more neighbors who is interested, you can split the cost of the dumpster rental in two or even in three, which will greatly reduce the amount that you'll be paying for this service.

Dispose Of Heavy Items Elsewhere

In a renovation project, for example, you'll likely be disposing of items of a variety of different weights. If your dumpster rental company charges you by weight, it's advantageous to find a different way to dispose of the heavier items that you'll be discarding. For example, if you're tearing up old flooring tiles, think about tossing the tiles in your curbside garbage bin and trying to place lighter items from the renovation project in the dumpster. Over the course of a large renovation, dealing with the waste in this manner can dramatically reduce the overall weight of the dumpster and help to save you money.

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