If your business is having some remodeling done or if your building is going to be removed and replaced, you may have scrap metal available within the structure that you can save for a monetary exchange. When the project is underway, scrap metal is at risk for theft as many people know it holds value. Here are some steps you can take to help keep your building's scrap metal out of the hands of thieves when waiting to cash in.

Call A Pick Up Service

Before you start your project, call a few reputable scrap dealers in your area to find out what the going rate is for an exchange. Knowing how much you can get for your metal will help keep you focused on safeguarding it and will help you in determining the value as it is retrieved from rubble. Consider hiring a scrap metal recycling center with pick up service like Scrap Metal Processors Inc. They would send someone to your property to get pieces you save each day if you alert them to do so. This can help save you money as there will be a much lesser risk of theft if you remove the items on a daily basis.

Collect In One Area

Make a steel cage to hold any scrap metal pieces found during the project. Stack the pieces inside and lock the cage so that the risk of robbery is decreased. You could also punch a hole in each piece and string a chain through the stack. Use a lock through the chain links to contain the pieces. The scrap metal will be too heavy to lift off-site without being noticed. When it becomes time for a pick up, the key can be used to unlock the cage or chain lock so the pieces can be hauled away.

Use Distinct Markings

Each time a piece of scrap metal is found, place a small symbol on it with a bright-colored paint. If your scrap metal is taken, you can alert authorities of this marking to help find where the pieces had been taken in exchange for money. A call can be made to area scrap dealers to warn them there was a theft in the area. If someone comes to their shop with a piece with a marking matching the description, they can call the police so the perpetrator can be reprimanded for their wrong-doing. You would then be able to cash in on the pieces on your own.