Neon used to be the hot sign type in town, especially during the 1940s through 1960s. The always bright but sometimes slightly garish glow of neon lights has brought many a customer into a hotel, bar, or even grocery store throughout the decades. Although neon has lost popularity in recent years, it has a romanticism and commercial pull unmatched by other types of signage. If you want to make your business stand out from the pack, consider ordering a custom neon sign.


Since neon signs are created with tubes filled with neon gas, they have an entirely different look than LED or other types of signs. Songs have been written about the "glow" of neon lights, and they have a distinctive almost retro look. In a world of LED lighting, a neon sign stands out. In fact, neon signs have several museums devoted to them. The Neon Museum is located in Las Vegas, perhaps the city that most utilized neon at one point in its history. Ordering a neon sign or resurrecting a vintage model will announce that your business appreciates art and has a more daring sense of style than your competitors. 

Flexibility and Affordability

Of course, the cost of neon varies according to what size sign you want and how elaborate your sign is. Some of the most striking neon signs in the US include the Kismet Lodge sign in Desert Hot Springs, California, the Grain Belt Beer sign in Minnesota, and the Indianhead Motel sign in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, all examples of what can be done in neon. Glass blowers who work in neon can add artwork, including your logo or other graphics.  Neon signs can also be created in approximately a dozen colors, including red, orange, green, and blue. Once your sign is created, you can expect it to light up for approximately 200,000 hours or around ten years, so it is a bargain of expression and durability. If your sign is creative enough, people will come just to look at it and then become your customers. 

In many cases, neon sends out a siren's call to consumers and art lovers everywhere. A neon sign is more than just a marketing tool: it takes on a life of its own. When you are having a custom business sign created, explore the options that neon gives you. Instead of just another sign, you could end up with an iconic piece of art that elevates your business above the rest. Visit Snyder Signs Inc to design a custom sign for your business.