If your garage has coffee cans of unused hardware leftover from previous projects, then you will be excited to learn you can turn that junk into decorative bee garden stakes. This project allows you to show your creativity and to recycle some of that miscellaneous junk in your garage. And, it is a simple project that can easily be completed in an afternoon.

Tools and Materials

To make bee garden stakes, you need the following materials:

  • scrap metal wire
  • scrap hardware
  • screwdriver
  • metal cutters
  • welder or hot glue gun
  • metal craft paint (optional)

Step 1: Using the metal cutters, cut off about two feet of wire. If you do not have any extra wire, you can use a straightened metal coat hanger.

Step 2: Hold one end of the metal wire along the edge of the screwdriver's handle. Wrap the metal around the screwdriver's handle to form the body of the bee. When you are finished you should have a spiral of metal on one end of the wire, and a stake to stick into your garden on the other.

Step 3: Using your welder or glue gun, attach two washers to the top of the spiral area to create the bee's eyes. If you want a cartoon-type look for your bees, then you should use extra large washers.

You can also use nuts for the eyes if you prefer a more angular look. You can also stack smaller washers onto larger ones to create a 3D look.

Step 4: Bee's have antennae, so you should attach two small screws or nails to the top of the bee's head. Weld or glue them right behind the eyes you previously added. Small spare springs also work well for creating the antennae.

Step 5: If you would like to add wings to your bee, then you can wrap three loops of wire around the screwdriver's handle and attach them to the back of the bee's body.

Optional: If you want to paint your bees, then you can use a craft paint designed for painting on metal. This type of paint is readily available at your local craft store. Additionally, you can also use this technique to create other bugs, dragonflies, and butterflies. 


Metal fabrication projects are always fun. It is a bonus when you get a chance to recycle spare hardware into cute bees. If you need additional help making your garden decorations, then you should contact a local metal fabrication shop in your area.